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Join the team committed to working to empower the community through addressing housing related issues. 

Housing Opportunities Collaborative (the “Collaborative”), a nonprofit HUD-approved Housing Counseling Intermediary formed in 2005 to: encourage collaboration between various non-profit and for-profit housing related agencies; formulate industry best practices; and empower the public by providing easy access to homeownership information and related resources. The Collaborative has experienced remarkable growth since its inception and has added new services to meet expanding community needs and increased partner interest.

The Collaborative was founded on the theory of collective impact, which encourages collaboration between multiple entities in a community to address a specific social problem. It brings together organizations that offer unique services so that together, the group can ensure the community’s needs are met.

Our sponsors, partners and volunteers play a key role in helping HOC to change people's lives.

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Our sponsors are social change makers and become economic empowerment innovators by investing in our programs like the Virtual Counselor Network (VCN) that reduce barriers to access to information and services that creates economic equity and opportunities.

Our partners work collaboratively to leverage resources available within the Collaborative, provide valuable counseling services when it is needed most and share best practices to enable the industry to become more effective in delivering services. We thank them for choosing the Collaborative as their partner.

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