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Taxes and Insurances

For both homeowners and renters, understanding taxes and ensuring you have insurance, and the right type, is key.

Before you became a homeowner, your tax and insurance needs were probably pretty simple. An income tax form and some basic renters insurance were probably all you needed. Things are little more complex for homeowners, but homeownership is worth the hassle.

Having both renter’s and homeowner insurance is a very important, but often overlooked step. Do you know what would happen in the event of an earthquakes, theft, floods or other disasters? Making sure that your home is adequately insured and that you understand your policy is an important decision to ensuring your valuables are protected. 


Homeowners and Renters Insurance

What is Homeowner's and Renter's insurance? This site helps you navigate those questions as well as other questions around insurance needs. 

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How to Find the Best Coverage

Will your insurance company be there for you in the aftermath of a disaster, when you most need it? The answer might be no. This article by Consumer Reports outlines how to evaluate your coverage based on your needs. 

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Residential Insurance (Homeowners and Renters)

Information from the California Department of Insurance.

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